How to post on applying for ao2

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How to post on applying for ao2

Post  tramp on Sun Dec 07, 2008 5:50 pm

This is a thread to tell all the guys out there how to post a thread on joining ao2

1.Tell us about yourself-age,family, where you live...etc
2.What type of player-aggressive,tactical...etc
3.Things about you in urt
4.How you rate yourself
5Things that you think we should know that might help you become a ao2 more
6Things tht u just have to tlk about:P

Thts it really and wen ur done we will make a poll for u in the clan only section and we will vote yes or no,also it might help u if u stay on the forums consistently so we can make sure ur loyal.Also we want a demo and we dont want a demo taken by you,ao2 members will do tht when they feel like it...u should make urself available not us

Good luck,Tramp


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